5 Things High School Girls Keep In Their Lockers

Today I will be giving you an inside view of a teenage girls locker, you may think she has the basic necessities like your backpack, binders and books but it is actually the complete opposite. (This post is not meant to offend anyone because most of these items are stashed in my locker, it’s just for a simple laugh) So with out further a do let me show you the crazy space that is “the locker”

5. Shoes

This is something I am guilty of. The amount of shoes I my locker are ridiculous, especially because we are limited to all black shoes, but I still find a way to showcase a wide variety. I have my black VANS, my black boots, my gym shoes, and my black TOMS, surprisingly that is a normal amount, most of my friends have a minimum of 6 shoes in their lockers. The Excuse: You can never have enough shoes, plus some shoes so don’t go with the uniform. The Truth: Hun, no shoes will make the uniform look better…it’s a uniform.

4.Other Peoples Stuff

I find it oddly frustrating when people ask to put things in my locker, well why don’t you stop being lazy and walk to yours, its only across the hall. Obviously I don’t let people store stuff in my locker considering mine is bursting at the seams with my backpack, 4 binders and text books, but others decide to do otherwise. Half the things in a teenage girls locker consists of her best friends stuff.  I mean we don’t share lockers, so why does yours look like we do. The Excuse: She asked me to, I can’t say no. The Truth: Well, you said no to the teacher who asked you to roll down you kilt, it’s really not that hard.

3. Clothes

I understand if you have a sweater and a scarf, but don’t complain that you a have no room when your locker looks like a Abercrombie and Finch outlet. Girls have 3 sweaters, 7 tops, and 2 pairs of leggings…it sounds like the 12 days of christmas song: Locker Edition. The kicker is they say they need more room for their clothes, so instead of taking out useless crap, they take out the Math textbook. “I’ll keep it in my friends locker,” they say, “Who needs binders, it’s just school.” The Excuse: I need options, you never know who you will see in the hallways and I have to look cute when I ride the bus home The Truth: Everyone looks equally as bad, who ever you see in the hallway doesn’t care what you look like…only you do

2. Picture of Hot Celebrities

I will not judge because I too have spent time taping pictures of Channing Tatum to my friends locker for her birthday. The Excuse: Who dosn’t wanna see a hot boy shirtless as you open your locker for Geography class The Truth: Well, the excuse is true

1. Perfume

This is by far the biggest thing in a highschool girls  locker. When I walk past a girl who happens to be opening her locker, I brace myself for the array of department store scents that fill the air around me. God! The whole top shelf is filled with body sprays, perfume and occasionally a body butter, it looks like I walked into a Bath and Bodyworks store. The most popular scents to hit the front row of the top shelf is the Victoria Secret PINK perfumes, the whole hallway smells like Warm and Cozy. The worst part is when they ask their friends what they want to smell like and they name 56 smells while their at it “do you like Pink Chiffon, Pink Friday, Warm Vanilla Sugar, my favourite Beach Day, SunKissed, and the list goes on and on. The Excuse: You always need to smell good (which is true) The Truth: Yes the excuse is true, but you don’t need the Macy’s perfume counter in your locker.

So that is my little adventure into the locker life, I hope you found it amusing. If you want to see any more high school rants and tips, let me know in the comments or the Contact Me section. Until then check out my first post about high school here.

~XOXO Donatella


11 thoughts on “5 Things High School Girls Keep In Their Lockers

  1. theeleventhletterblog says:

    This is so good and its so true. I remember keeping #’s 1-5 in my locker! Perfume is a must! I carry perfume in my purse to this day actually! Clothes is another must, along with shoes. A girl can never be “TOO READY” lol

    and oddly enough we always manage to have other peoples stuff. lol

    this was so much fun to read. It was well written, and sooooo incredibly honest and truthful. I love it.


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