Why I Hate Valentines Day!

Hello, today is the most dreaded holiday for you fellow single ladies, because every year our biggest insecurity is put on display for a whole 24 hours. Yes it is Valentines Day :(. Every year at the beginning of February we make plans with all of our single friends to spend a night together, but some how your still left alone at home watching the Notebook and eating chocolate. Well if this sounds familiar and you happen to be reading this post look no further for I understand the pain. In the spirt of Anti-Valentines day I decided to make a list of reasons I Hate Valentines Day

1. Hypocritical: We are told as women that we are supposed to be proud of being independent but this holiday practically screams “You Need A Man” and “A single women is a stupid women”, I swear my self-esteem take a major hit on February 14 and I feel my blood pressure rise every time I see a box of chocolates and it’s not because of the sweet treat.

2. Chocolate Craze: We all love chocolate, and chocolates on Valentines day is romantic, but not when your single. Your spending the night in and your eating this decadent treat(heart shaped of course) that your mom brought and snuggling up with a pillow that you wish was Channing Tatum , you realize that you can get your caffeine fix else where. Remember coffee tastes just as good and it wont remind you that your alone.

3. Chaperone Duty:  This Valentines day I am stuck looking after a couple and 5th wheeling it with a other single people, which is great, but the last thing I want to here is “awww you adorable” and “no you pick, no you pick, ok I’ll pick” Chaperone duty is definitely the worst part of Valentines day

4. So much for Singles Night: Just a couple hours ago I had the perfect plan. It was gonna be me and a really good friend hanging out tonight, watching chick flicks and trying to make our sorrows into laughter. But add a couple texts and 3 hours and turns out we are having a party with 1 other single person, 2 kids and the worst A COUPLE. Ugh the horror, I was quiet devastated to the point that I was considering faking my own death. Only Valentines day could bring such madness

5. Trying to Be Happy: How can I be excited or confident when it feels like the holiday is against me, I realize its a marketing business and it’s are fault we eat it up, but I still feel like the holiday is no longer based on the saint but on segregating society into Alone and Together.

I hope you all enjoyed my rant, and remember Valentines day is about loving people and everyone around you. If you spend Valentines day with friends, your hubby or Netflix just know that the holiday is not about finding love but it’s a commercial marketing tactic for businesses to make more money and expand their profit margins. Happy Valentines Day from yours truly

~XOXO Donatella


One thought on “Why I Hate Valentines Day!

  1. Tessa Saks says:

    I don’t hate Valentine’s Day but I am tired of the overblown marketing of it. I used to love it as it was a chance to get valentines from cute boys at school. Or so I hoped. Love your rant. It made me smile and yes Channing Taum would be great to cuddle with!


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