The P.E.P.E

Today I just feel so sluggish and lazy, like someone sucked out all the motivation and all I want to do is marathon movies (preferably A Walk to Remember), on the couch, in my Snuggie. I call this feeling the “Post-Easter Pooped Effect,” P.E.P.E for short. I get this feeling every year and it lasts for a good 2 days, don’t get me wrong I love holidays but sometimes you get into the lazy mood because you haven’t had to “do” anything  for a while. The worst part is I have so much homework but I don’t want to do any of it, this is the problem with P.E.P.E, it slows you down from doing important stuff. When you think about it the easter season moods are like a graph, on Good Friday your mood starts to go up, then Saturday you mood is at 85%, but Easter Sunday roles around and your at 100% because the easter bunnies dropping off chocolate, but you drop to like 15% because it’s Monday and you mental work schedule  is all messed up.

The Easter struggles is a difficult on, and i’ll probably never conquer it, so let me know if you get like this in the comment section below. Sorry for the short post but P.E.P.E has made me lazy and uninspired. Hope you all had a great easter

~XOXO Donatella


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