Verbal Spam Mail

We all get those annoying messages in our inboxes telling us we won a car or a cruise, even though you don’t remember signing up for anything, the message is useless and a waste of time. Well verbal spam mail is similar, little do you know how many times you encounter it throughout the day. Lately, I have noticed all the pointless things people send via verbal communication, and it’s really not necessary. I wish people could filter out these rude and inappropriate comments, let me supply an example

The other day I was talking about how much I was fascinated with the Buddhist religion and how I wanted to learn more. Then this random person I was not talking to, decided that suddenly I cared about what they thought and they said “Oh my god, you don’t want to be catholic anymore”….like bitch, that is not what I said! and was I even addressing your presence in this particular situation. This a prime example of both verbal spam and pure stupidity, and teenagers question why adults don’t have respect for them…it’s because of the teens that think that they are the almighty God…or Buddha.

I wish I could just erase the comments that were said, as easy as dragging them to the junk or delete folder. But it’s not that simple, so I have taught myself to find the silver lining

  1. At least I am not that stupid
  2. I am lucky that I am aware of my place in the world
  3. I don’t annoy people like this

There are moments where I want to scream, slap them or just cry because I can’t handle the fact the people think that half the things they say are necessary. My sister has more knowledge and a better filter then you and she is 8.

The point of this post was to raise awareness for this verbal mail problem. So if you are a verbal spammer, please think before you  speak because I will appreciate it. To all the people who have been forwarded this verbal spam…I feel the pain, but there is nothing we can do about it. I hope you all enjoyed, sorry for the amount of paragraphing but I was feeling it today, make sure to visit my blog often, I post about 4-5 times a week!

~XOXO Donatella

*This my photo used, I would loved if you used it I just asked if you gave some credit by linking both my Instagram and blog. You can find the full picture on my Instagram, which i located in the handy dandy sidebar


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