You’re A Feminist? : What Feminism REALLY Is

Hello everyone, it’s Wednesday! I rarely ever post in the middle of the week but I thought that this post needed to be written for the sake of my sanity and the stigma. Now, when you saw this title you either thought “ughh another feminist post, gosh” or “wooo hoooo yes” but no matter what comment category you placed your self in, I think this post would benefit you.

This topic came to me at a weird time in the day, about a month ago I was eating dinner with my family and I got a Pinterest notification that someone sent me a pin, the pin was a quote about feminism. I decided to share it to my mom and she loved it…my dad not so much. “I can’t believe my daughters a feminist” I automatically said I am and we got into a heated discussion about the topic. We were going back and forth, and he was going on and on but I realized something, what my father was describing as ‘feminism’ was different from my perception of feminism.

He said feminsim used to be for equality and but you already got it…it’s a battle between men and women, you are equal in the workplace, you get to vote yhada yhada yhada. That’s where I stopped him dead in his tracks (side note, we were yelling at each other at this point) I told him feminism to ME is no longer the battle between men and women, it is between women and women.

I told him if i wanted to try out for the football team, guys would be kind of weirded out and I would get called a few names but they would get over it in a couple of days. The girls on the other hand, would say “she just wants to be around the boys, what a whore” and “ughh is she lesbian or something”. The fight for feminism is to have all women support each other and to be proud of our contribution to society, and even though we are said to be equal to men, the stigma that we tried so hard to destroy is still just as alive as before.

Another reason that equality has not fully been achieved is that as society we keep the stigma alive, such as women being used as objects in pop culture, down to little insults on the play ground like “you run like a girl.” You know who’s fault that is…it’s are’s, it’s men, it’s women, it’s everyones.

Sure I am lucky to be able to got to school, but if I am so ashamed to use my voice because other WOMEN say it’s rude to yell. Ever since I was little

“Donatella, be quiet”       “Donatella, you can’t play soccer, your dress will get dirty”

“Donatella, sit still”          “Donatella, you can’t do that”

Feminism should not be an insult. Feminism is saying every women has a place in the world whether it’s in the army, the kitchen, the classroom, the courtroom, the front lines, the home. It doesn’t matter because we as women must come together. The sad part is that our ancestors fought to be looked at as a person, and we can’t seem to get over the fact that some girl wants to be on the football team.

To wrap everything up, feminism to everyone is different but next time you think about what it is to you, I hope what I said in this post comes to mind. Feminism is the fight for acceptance for women, by women.

I would love to hear your comments below and make sure to like and share this post, have a great rest of your week and I hope to see you too

~XOXO Donatella


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