10 Tips To Make Your Road Trip More Enjoyable

Hey everyone! We have all been on road trips and they are one of the best trips and memories ever but we often forget the pain and agony of the “road” trip itself. If you are not armed and ready with ways to entertain yourself and others you can get on each others nerves very easily. I have decided to share my tips on how to make the journey just as enjoyable as the destination. 
My Roadtrip Itinerary At the moment I am currently headed to Pennsylvania to spend the night and then head to Virginia for a week. While we are in Virginia we will be traveling to Washington D.C and then on are way home we are stopping in Philadelphia.
Pack Snacks: this will save you time and money while traveling. Pack a cooler bag with waters, juice, trail mix, crackers, and fruit. (Be careful if you are crossing the boarder, be sure to claim what you are bringing over like alcohol at duty free, or and citrus fruit)

DVD/Player: if your not blessed with a DVD player in your vehicle make sure to bring a portable did player, this always entertains my little sister and even myself. At the moment I am watching The O.C and my sister packed her favourite movies. (If you have a tablet make sure to download movies)

Update your playlist: I love music and before I left I loaded my iPod with some new tracks that I have been meaning to listen to. This applies for podcast lovers too!

Plan out stops: unfortunately this is a step my parents fail to do but I do recommend looking over your route before you leave. We plan to stop before the boarder and every other state line, but I highly doubt my family will follow this. 

Card games/ board games: my sister and I love games and we always pack crazy 8’s, trouble and travel size checkers. These games are also great to have when you arrive at you destination and maybe you can have a game night ( we always bring trivial pursuit)

Have a GPS: my family and I are directionally challenged (except for my mom) we always use are GPS, and you can use it anywhere and time on your trip. But as a back up always have a map of specific areas you will be visiting as well as vague maps that give you an outline of major highways.

Have sepearate travel bags: everyone in my family bring there own backpack fill of there essentials and materials. This prevents cluter and frustration, for example my mom has her tote bag, my dad has his backpack and my sister and I have are own.

Sleeping gear/ comfy clothes: fun fact about me, I can sleep anywhere plane, train, car,bus ,boat you name it and if it’s moving I’ll sleep on it. So brining a neck pillow and blanket is a necessity, it perfect because you never know if you will be driving longer then expected. Major traveling tip is wearing a comfy outfit, there will be not dresses, skirts or heels in my car, just shorts, sweaters and sweatpants. You will thank me later 

Toiletry bag: this is a just in case tip, I always have some makeup, deodorant and even a toothbrush on hand when traveling . You never know what state you will look like throughout the drive so it is always good to look somewhat presentable especially if your travelling with others besides your family.

Phone plan: this may seem unnessisary but if your like myself and visiting another country, it is important to get a plan that can be used in order to communicate with other people in your traveling groups especially when driving. If you were to get lost on the road, something dangerous happened or the car broke down you can call someone with in the area to help you. This could easily save your trip

I hope you all enjoy this post, I know I haven’t pasted in a long time but I hope to post and talk to you all soon. I will keep updating my vacation and maybe some possible travel reviews as well as tips! Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram to stay connected, as well as like this post if you enjoyed it and if you really like my blog please follow it.
~XOXO Donatella


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