Update: Finding a Job 2.0

The best way to predict the future is to change it. -Abraham Lincoln

Hello lovelies, I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to write my coffee talk this weekend but in all honesty I wasn’t feeling it. I have another job update because let’s face it this is a big milestone in my life and this story I am about to share with you is both depressing and hilarious. After I went for my interview at (store that I rather not name) I got a phone call 3 days later saying that I got a job and my family and I were aesthetic, I told my family and friends the following day and everyone was impressed. I myself, was very proud because I tried my absolute best to find a job and I was surprised I found one.

Unfortunately, I got some bad news the day before I was supposed to work. The manager realized the store policy had changed and that I was not of age to work for the company. I was shocked and speechless for a good five minutes…I was a little upset but not because I was technically “fired” (I had signed hiring paperwork so I was fired ahahah) but because I had bust my butt and had nothing to show for it. Luckily, the manger said as soon as I am of age she will hire me right off the bat, so obviously I was a good candidate. I still sat around that day with a dead end plan which is not effective as my mother later pointed out, my parents had felt bad because they new I was hard on myself and they didn’t want me to get discouraged. My mom and dad said they were proud and I knew they were but it wasn’t good enough…I felt like a failure.

I soon realized that I had zero control over the scenario and that nobody could have done anything differently and I became thankful for having the experience that can help me in the future. My sister asked me why I was upset and I told her it’s because I thought I had succeeded but I didn’t, do you know what it’s like to be hired and fired in the same week (it’s funny now but in the moment…not so much)  I told my sister that this is a lesson that trying your best may not always work but you can always gain something, and that I gained a full job process experience.

I recently got a phone call from another company to come in for an interview (I just realized I am also not of age but I can try!) I will take all the experience I can get because at least I am trying and putting myself out there, and that is more than some other teenagers can say.

Lesson Learned: Everything happens for a reason, and it may not go as planned but you need to learn from it in order to grow and for it to be worth it

~XOXO Donatella


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