I Have Made Some Changes

Hello everyone, it’s been a while and I have taken a much needed break. So I have changed some thing up on h blog…notice anything different….EVERYTHING! I decided I needed a change because who wants to the same old thing all the time. This new theme is a little more chic and very streamline, but I do like it a lot. Let me know what you think and if theres anything you like or dislike.

I recently started a job and let’s just say it was a lot more then what I expected. Between school and work I have very little time to even go to the washroom! But I do enjoy working, plus the money helps. So,e little things that happened when I was away, I got a new phone, my sale numbers at work are great and I went to my first party.

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Alpha and I love it, it is the perfect phone for me. It does exactly what an iPhone does without the stupid apple compatibility problems always face with my beloved PC. It’s white and takes great pictures, not to mention it can handle apps unlike my old phone that used to crash. (I cracked the screen on my old phone and I was very upset because it was a love hate relationship)

The perks of having my number be great is more hours=more money as well as it makes me more appealing to permanently hire, which between you and me I would love. Christmas is around the corner so the store gets a lot busier, which means my hours get longer. My school work is taking a bit of a back seat which isn’t good but I ‘am trying

Lastly, the milestone moment of all time! My first party. You may be asking why I am so excited, well you see, as a teachers kid my parents are not amused nor do they agree with the stupidity of high school parities. So when they barely asked and questions when I asked to go to this party, you can picture how shocked I was when they said yes (as well as my other good friend who’s mother is also a teacher and predominately says no as well) So we went and successfully completed that off our bucket list.

That’s it for me and I will be blogging more frequently now…hopefully

~XOXO Donatella


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