5 Winter Hats You Need In Your Collection


One of my favorite items to wear in the winter besides boots is a hat. Whether it’s a beanie, a toque or even a beret, I will wear it with anything. The best things about hats are that they can cover up that bad hair day or messy curls gone wrong and make it look like you meant to wear it with this dress (yes, I just said you can wear hats with a dress)

Now if you are not a hat person, haven’t seen the point in hats, or are just so overwhelmed with choice, well you are reading the right post. I have put together 5 hats that are able to look good with anything in your wardrobe, and not to mention finish off every outfit.

  1. The Floppy Hat

These hats recently came on the scene as a huge trend and rightfully so. People say that hats can’t be worn to dress up but these hats are a huge exception. I bought mine in red and I usually pair it with black jeans, a chunky sweater, a scarf and a light coat maybe black or navy blue. This hat is perfect if you are on the job and have to make a lot of job related stops or meeting with clients. It’s your ideal “I am a business women and fashionable at that”. Charlotte Russe $15

2. The Lazy Beanie

Personally, this is my favorite hat, I can wear it with sweats, with a parka and even with a skirt because it’s not too flashy and the colour is great. The versatility of this style is what draws me to it, and it’s simplicity is a huge plus for someone who doesn’t wear hats that often. This is a great hat to keep in your purse or quickly run out of the house with if it’s chillier than what you expected. Charlotte Russe $12

3. The Cute Beanie

Not to say that the last beanie wasn’t cute, but it can be a little boring. This one has a pom pom accent and that cream and grey woven wool is very pretty and keeps you warm. I usually wear this when I am going out with friends, going skating or stopping off in a coffee shop. This hat sits nicely on the head, it slouches just like a beanie but has a little more structure at the head.Charlotte Russe $16

4.The Bowl Hat

Now, don’t let the name fool you. I call it the bowl hat because it is a mix between a beret and a regular ski hat. It’s not as structured at a beret but not as oval as a ski hat so it makes a perfect circle on you head, kind of like a bowl. This is perfect for those days that your hair is really frizzy or really greasy because it covers all parts of the head in one section without you having to worry if your fly-a-ways are peaking through. I recommend wearing this hat when it’s a little warmer just because it doesn’t cover your ears as much as a toque or ski hat. Charlotte Russe $15

5. The Ski Hat

It’s purpose is right in the name, it’s a ski hat meant for skiing. Or if you are like me and don’t know how to ski, it’s perfect for running in the winter or for days you are going to be outside for a long time. I always get these ones in a more colorful pattern or colour because I will usually wear it with my ski coat, plus it adds a nice element of fun Burton Snowboarding $30

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