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Recharge Your Night Routine: 6 Steps to Peaceful Nights and Successful Days

I have learned that finding a sleep routine is a goldilocks and the 3 bears kind of situation. You have to test it out, feel the waters and it’s okay if the porridge is to hot and the chairs to big, you just have to keep testing. In the mean time all that trial and error can disrupt your sleep pattern and as a result ruin your days. On the other hand you can get bored of the same routine and this may also cause a disturbance with your beauty sleep. It’s okay because I can guarantee you that these 6 steps will resting well at night and loudly singing in the morning.

1. Read before bed

There is a long list of the benefits of reading before bed…longer than the benefits of flossing! Reading helps the mind relax and clear itself so that nothing is running about your brain during rest. If your anything like me where your brain is constantly on think and do mode and it’s like a giant never ending monologue, chances are it will not shut off the minute your head hits the pillow. That’s why picking up book is great for busy-brained people. Just wait, there was a  STUDY THAT STATED READING FICTION MAKES US MORE EMPATHETIC, and also reduces stress. It is said that as little as 6 minutes before bed BRINGS DOWN STRESS LEVELS and helps improve the sharpness of the brain. Make sure though that it is a physical book, NOT AN E-READER, PHONE, OR TABLET. The light from electronics can cause disturbance in sleeping patterns and actually cause you to have a more restless night. 

2. Water before bed

Water is the key! If you are like me, someone who struggles to drink water during the day so by the time you go to bed your body is dehydrated causing it to stress and send signals to your brain, this results in a difficult night a head. So grab a glass of water and drink it about 30 minutes before bed, this will re-charge your body and give is something to run on during the night. Water can also help the sinuses. In the winter it is very dry and can cause sinus problems and during the spring allergies may occur, by drinking water you can moisten the sinuses causing a clearer air passage when sleeping

3.  Create a to-do list for the next morning

Worrying about the next days events can cause anxiety before bed which can really make you restless through the night. Prevent panic at night and the morning by writing down a to-do list on a sticky note, note pad, white board or planner and write down everything that needs to be accomplished for the day a head. Don’t be afraid to right massive lists but then star or circle the most important ones, this is a simple way to practice prioritizing. This will set you up for a easier morning and a peaceful night because you already know what as to be done for the day a head. Also write a separate to-do list on the attitude you wish to have (ie; stay positive, be calm, stay on task)

4. Reflect on the past events of the day

Worst than worrying about the past days events is worrying about the events that just happened! Before you go to bed just think about what has happened and come to terms with the day that passed. Reflect on all that you have accomplished and all that you wish you would have done. This will help clear your mind of any upset or guilty feelings. Nothing is worse than going to bed angry or upset. Tip: try jotting down your feelings in a journal to help relieve stress and anxiety.

5. Put the electronics away

Make sure you turn off your phone, laptop, or tablet 30 minutes before bed. Winding down time is important and can be disrupted if your checking emails, texting friends or tweeting out a tweet. It is important to try to charge/ keep electronics in another room from where you sleep. The flashing lights and notifications can make getting to sleep and staying asleep difficult for your brain.

6. Stretch

This may seem silly but stretching out your muscles and body can help your brain relax. When your muscles are tight and being strained this can put stress on your body making it difficult finding a comfortable position to sleep in. By releasing some tension in your muscles by stretching and breathing, it makes it easier for your brain to send signals to rest and your body to feel comfortable when sleeping. You don’t have to do some giant yoga routine but some simple back, arms, waist and leg stretches will do the trick. Sometimes I will do the stretches lying down on my bed! 

All these tips will help you take back your night times and having you bounce back in no time. I know this post was a bit long but I thought all this information was quite important. I will be posting another post soon and make sure to follow me on twitter and instagram to get all the updates. Have a great day



22 thoughts on “Recharge Your Night Routine: 6 Steps to Peaceful Nights and Successful Days

  1. Lallae says:

    I like the pictures, the content and writing of your blog. Everything is so pretty and informative. I noticed in the sidebar that you have a picture of “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin. It’s a great book to read – particularly before going to sleep 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. annatydomine says:

    As my head hits the pillow my last thought usually is along the lines of….”let’s not go to sleep straight away because I just want to think about this thing for a little whi……zzzzzz.” But they look like great suggestions and I shall file them away in case things change in the future 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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