Saturday Morning Coffee Talks//14.5.16

I am back with my weekly update! If you missed any of my posts this week they are linked here, here and here. This week was uneventful, a couple of doctor appointments here and text messages there but still none the less and update is in order.

Highlight of the past week// My wonderful friend came and visited me!

Lowlight of the past week// Doctor appointments 😦

In future weeks// I am going to a most anticipated concert…more details to come!

Blogging Updates/ Highlights// I am currently a contributor to the online blogging advice magazine Millionaires Digest ! I am very excited and I hope this opportunity continues, I am really looking forward to putting out some motivational and inspirations blogging posts that are a little bit different from my posts on this blog. Click the link here to see my post or search ‘donatella’ in the search bar and make sure to read, like and comment! 🙂

Favourite meal// Breakfast! 2 days ago I had oat meal with tons of fruit and some hunny.

This weekend// I am celebrating my sixteenth year on this planet, it is just one day away so stay tuned for a birthday post tomorrow! I am really excited because although I can’t have a party with friends because of my illness, I can still have one with my family.

Latest disaster// My blog instagram account, did you guys like it better when I had my personal account linked or do you like my blog account!

Latest addiction// burning my Bath & Body Works coconut leaves candle…according to my senses I am skipping spring and heading straight for summer.

Latest thought// “what sweatpants? the Roots ones or the Nike ones?”

Latest Flick// I have been a movie fanatic: I have watched Love, Rosie           There might even be a movie review in the works

Coffee Community Moment// a recent follower named Victoria commented the nicest things on my posts and took the time to give me some great advice on a past post about my sister as well as a must needed book-talk. Victoria has a beauty blog which I am in love with, her posts are always so pretty and informative. Definitely check her out! heres the link (and her blogs name has “lattes” in it, so naturally I fell in love”

That’s it for me, I hope you have a great week. But before I go, I just wanted to address some of the new topics here. As most of you have noticed, I change the are of discussion every week but if you do what a sent questions, would like a question answered or would like any of these prompts to be permanent please by all means let me know! I love these posts because they are so quick, easy and you guys love them!

~Ciao, Donatella (stay tuned for a post about my reasoning for a new blog, I am still in the process of cleaning up)

p.s the Coffee Community Moment is to recognize my awesome readers who motivate me and encourage me to keep content going! My community is really important to me! These posts are not in collaboration with these bloggers, it’s just a way of saying thanks and spreading the Shamelessly Addicted To Caffeine love.



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