Sixteen + A List Of Sixteen Things

I was born on this day sixteen years ago today! Yay me! Yes today is my sixteenth birthday and considering the events of the past 5 weeks I am very excited that today I can try to forget and celebrate. Although nor do me and my family understand let alone participate in “Sweet Sixteen” parties with a big cake, drunk teens and a new car (although that last one would be nice), we do however throw a party with my immediate family and then I get together with friends later on.

I have been reflecting on my life up until this point (which probably sounds ridiculous because there is probably food in the fridge older than me, but…) Throughout these years I have gained quite a bit of knowledge on what to do, what not to do and things you will do without even realizing it. Here it is “Sixteen Things I Have Learned Throughout My Sixteen Years Of Living”

  1. I can maintain long, and complex relationships with people I do not even remotely like, solely based on the fact we are in the same circle of friends. No matter how much I may dislike this person as long as I do not verbalize it, our relationship can last a life time
  2. Mom is always write…need I say more 😦
  3. The internet is able to be both your best friend and your enemy. Yes those horrible selfies I took when I was 12 are out there…somewhere. When they say everything you put on the internet lasts forever they are not lying.
  4. I am able to be so stealthy that the majority of administration at my school, doesn’t even realize I am wearing a non-uniform sweater and scarf! Except for the VP’s….One day. #OG
  5. I am so talented that I can get changed in almost anywhere; bathroom stall. Check! Back of the car. Check! In the airplane lavatory. The Ultimate Check!
  6. I will always, completely, truly suck at math!
  7. My hair will always win the battles
  8. Everyone is always cuter when they are babies, unless your my sister who was quite vainey as a baby and slightly resembled an alien
  9. To keep your hopes, dreams and aspirations a secret because some people are jerks and will tell me that it is stupid or I can’t do it. I personally do not have time nor the energy for that
  10. It is important to be nice to everyone…you will never know who they will become
  11. Family is important
  12. All the best pictures of me are the action shots of me pouting (yes like the “i did not get what I want and now I will hate you and look at you like this for 5 minutes just incase you didn’t know” face). I will always and forever have the best “mean” pout…it’s an art
  13. Love is a big word…beware of those who throw it around like a “hello!”
  14. Buying shoes is the greatest therapy
  15. Reading childhood books will always make you feel better…that and ice cream
  16. ? ? ?that is one that only this year will tell, I have yet to figure it out 😉

How do I love you?
let me count the ways.
I love you on your very best…
and your very worst of days

~How Do I Love You, a book/poem from my childhood

Hope you all enjoyed and I look forward to doing something like this every year.  I hope you all have a great Sunday. As you have noticed things have changed and a post will be coming out to explain all of that. As for now if you have any questions please comment or contact me!

~Ciao, Donatella


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