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Blog Update// New Look + New Schedule

This is long over due but a lot has changed in my blog and I really like it!

one. The name! it is no longer Shamelessly Addicted To Caffeine (although the addiction has not wavered) I have changed it to Ciao Donatella. Every time someone is talking to me on the phone or across the street I always end the conversation with Ciao, it’s just something I have always done. My mom does it, my grandparents do it and almost all my family members do it. I thought is was time for a change and that I was ready to take my blogging to the next level and with that comes a new name.

two. A new look. I have been wanting to find a look that I was going to love for a while but it can be difficult. I think I found it! at least one that will last me a year, I am loving the static page even though I was warned by every blogging website out there not to do it. Sometimes you gotta break the rules. This new look showcases my content and some photos at the same time. Now, I am always up for a change but this seems pretty permanent

three. Better photo’s. I have DSLR camera but I lost the charger so I finally got it charged up and hopefully it will last me a while until I have to charge it again, The charger is like $75.00 and I rather not fork out that money at this money, maybe ebay will be helpful. I hope you all like the beautiful photo’s that will be coming at you like this one for this post, check out my about page and contact or my latest post.

four. New schedule. I will now be posting 3 times a week (Monday, Thursday, Saturday) and as always saturday will most likely be my coffee talks!

As my blog family is growing so will my blog and I hope I can count on you to grow with me.

~ Ciao, Donatella


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