The Jean Machine: How To Style A Jean Jacket

Jean jackets have been my latest obsession, there great because they not only look stylish but also come in different washes and fits to look good on anyone. Over the last couple weeks I have worn them a lot as it has become a bit chillier at night and at work. I realized that it can be difficult when styling a jean jacket because the possibilities can not only be overwhelming but also can leave you frustrated because you don’t know what goes with a jean jacket.

So I decided to give some inspirations on how to style a jean jacket not only for you but for kids as well to prove that jean jackets look good on everyone. With the help from my 10 year old sister modelling and taking photos of me, I hope you enjoy. (stay tuned for my sisters outfits next week!)

In and Out of Work Look

Floral top

Shorts: Banana Republic      Top: Forever 21

Days can get busy so make sure you wear something can be practical where ever you go. It’s important while being in and out of work that you still look some what presentable but still functional. The shorts offer a comfortable but professional look so you don’t have to be  squirming in a skirt all day. The top is dainty and cute and adds some colour as it is still summer. Lastly, the dark was jean jacket adds the option to stay warm as your in and out of air conditioning.

The jacket adds little pops of gold that clash nicely with the dark fabric and light shorts. Tip: it’s important that when wearing something business casual and using a jean jacket, to make it subtle and almost as if it can be optional. Often jean can look to casual, thats why I opted for a darker wash.

Casual Night Out Look

White jean collage 1

This is one of my favorites! The striped body con dress with the white jean jacket gives a dressy yet effortless look. I love the bag that was paired with simply for the pop of colour it gives, and of course comfortable shoes because no one needs their feet hurting after a long night.


Dress: H&M.       Jacket:Marc Jacobs          Bag: Heys

Chilly Night


This look is inspired by the jacket itself. The jacket is a Moto Jacket from Topshop and I wanted the outfit to reflect the jacket so I paired it with and olive green crop top (pick a colour that accents your skin)


Jacket: Topshop

The jacket fits big and the light wash clashes nicely with the green top. The shoulder fit of the jacket is similar to the ones in the 80’s which gives you that Moto/oversized appearance.

The back is retro which I love and believe it or not this jacket is a consignment store find. The rolled up sleeves look so cute and paired with the black pants below really seals in the whole look


Pants: Zara

moto collage 1


Lastly, the shoes are the best, they add a girly vibe to the look and the shoes laser cut sides are my favourite part. It’s also really nice how there is a zipper at the back of the shoe so your not stuck undoing the laces. The best part of these shoes is that there is no heel and therefore you won’t sink into grass.

I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for next week were I post my sisters looks with a jean jacket. My upcoming post is all about packing for a trip so be sure to follow my blog twitter and Instagram to stay up to date.

I hope you all have a great day and I hope to keep in touchsignature


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