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Blog Update// New Look + New Schedule

This is long over due but a lot has changed in my blog and I really like it!

one. The name! it is no longer Shamelessly Addicted To Caffeine (although the addiction has not wavered) I have changed it to Ciao Donatella. Every time someone is talking to me on the phone or across the street I always end the conversation with Ciao, it’s just something I have always done. My mom does it, my grandparents do it and almost all my family members do it. I thought is was time for a change and that I was ready to take my blogging to the next level and with that comes a new name.

two. A new look. I have been wanting to find a look that I was going to love for a while but it can be difficult. I think I found it! at least one that will last me a year, I am loving the static page even though I was warned by every blogging website out there not to do it. Sometimes you gotta break the rules. This new look showcases my content and some photos at the same time. Now, I am always up for a change but this seems pretty permanent

three. Better photo’s. I have DSLR camera but I lost the charger so I finally got it charged up and hopefully it will last me a while until I have to charge it again, The charger is like $75.00 and I rather not fork out that money at this money, maybe ebay will be helpful. I hope you all like the beautiful photo’s that will be coming at you like this one for this post, check out my about page and contact or my latest post.

four. New schedule. I will now be posting 3 times a week (Monday, Thursday, Saturday) and as always saturday will most likely be my coffee talks!

As my blog family is growing so will my blog and I hope I can count on you to grow with me.

~ Ciao, Donatella


I just set up a Instagram account for my blog, so I will no longer be using my personal account for the blog. I realized that I never posted any blog updates or posts on my personal account and slowly but surely I will have separate accounts for Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. I love my social media and I started thinking “why don’t I have accounts for my blog?”. Here’s the link or you can check it out in the sidebar!

I Have Made Some Changes

Hello everyone, it’s been a while and I have taken a much needed break. So I have changed some thing up on h blog…notice anything different….EVERYTHING! I decided I needed a change because who wants to the same old thing all the time. This new theme is a little more chic and very streamline, but I do like it a lot. Let me know what you think and if theres anything you like or dislike.

I recently started a job and let’s just say it was a lot more then what I expected. Between school and work I have very little time to even go to the washroom! But I do enjoy working, plus the money helps. So,e little things that happened when I was away, I got a new phone, my sale numbers at work are great and I went to my first party.

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Alpha and I love it, it is the perfect phone for me. It does exactly what an iPhone does without the stupid apple compatibility problems always face with my beloved PC. It’s white and takes great pictures, not to mention it can handle apps unlike my old phone that used to crash. (I cracked the screen on my old phone and I was very upset because it was a love hate relationship)

The perks of having my number be great is more hours=more money as well as it makes me more appealing to permanently hire, which between you and me I would love. Christmas is around the corner so the store gets a lot busier, which means my hours get longer. My school work is taking a bit of a back seat which isn’t good but I ‘am trying

Lastly, the milestone moment of all time! My first party. You may be asking why I am so excited, well you see, as a teachers kid my parents are not amused nor do they agree with the stupidity of high school parities. So when they barely asked and questions when I asked to go to this party, you can picture how shocked I was when they said yes (as well as my other good friend who’s mother is also a teacher and predominately says no as well) So we went and successfully completed that off our bucket list.

That’s it for me and I will be blogging more frequently now…hopefully

~XOXO Donatella

Starlight Award

Thank you Asia from Belle of Dawn for nominating me

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Main Question

If you could meet anyone from throughout history, who and why? Audrey Hepburn, she was so talented but yet humble. She was always positive an confident, not to mention a fashion icon. Her quotes are so inspiring, she was able to influence her industry not only by her beauty but wit and charm. She had faith that her intelligence could take her places, she wasn’t afraid to be smart

What is your favourite book and why? To Kill a Mockingbird because it has so many hidden meanings, no matter how many times I read it I can always find a new influential message. Harper Lee is a genius an captures the innocents of a child and the struggles of growing up and realizing the harsh reality of the world.

Who is your favourite fiction character from any medium and why? Kim Possible! She was just amazing…for once a female character was smarter then the guy. I learned a lot from her such as not everyone is going to like you, your better off being yourself and call me, beep me if you wanna reach me (no gonna lie…it’s my ring tone)

Chosen Questions

What prompted you to begin your blogging journey? One word…Highschool. It was a new chapter in my life and I thought starting something new was fit for this occasion, plus I felt like my experiences and thoughts where worth writing about.

What is your biggest inspiration/motivation in life? To make myself proud…my mom always says do things for you. I want to live my life knowing I made decisions for myself in order to make myself happy as well as learn from mistakes. As well as my family, there support is always something that I appreciate and am grateful for.

If you could give one message to the upcoming generation, what would it be? Why?  Funny you should ask, I would consider myself the upcoming generation and trust me there are a lot of things I would like to tell us (some of which are not appropriate) but I think we need to stop looking at our phones and start looking at our lives because one day we are going to blink and it will all be gone. I guess what I am trying to say is stop and smell the roses because one day they won’t be there to smell.

My questions for you!

  • What is your favourite inspirational quote and why?
  • name 5 things you can do with a pencil besides write with it
  • who is your blogging inspiration?

My Nominees

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Have fun with this, I know I did

I’m Nominated For The Liebster Award!

Oh My God I am freaking out! Today I opened the Twitter app on my phone, taped on the notifications and realized that someone tweeted me. As I read the tweet that said I had been nominated for The Liebster Award, I basically screamed…

So Thank You SOOOO Much to Jonathan from the Bare Foot Global for the nomination. Your blog is so cool and inspiring, I wish I could travel all around the world. Definitely go check out his blog, and drool over the gorgeous scenic pictures while your at it.

The Liebster Award Rules:

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  • Nominate 11 other bloggers, who have less than 200 followers and link them.
  • Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer.
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So he asked me 11 questions so here I go

1. Why Do You Blog?:  I blog because I like it, it’s as simple as that. The feeling you get when you express yourself through words is a whole accomplishment of it’s own. I don’t blog for others, I blog for myself and people really respect that. Blogging is an outlet for my creative mind and to document my experiences, because maybe the people who read it can relate.

What Is Your Favourite Colour?: RED!!! ever since I was little my mom always dressed me in red so I guess nurture is the reason why I love it (FUN FAct: my grad dress was red)

3.Which of your blog posts are you most proud of and why?: I am most proud of my Journal #2 When I Was 10.  It was a little difficult to write and I am proud of myself for writing it, that post made me realize that my blog is for me and so share my personal stories. It helped me move on from a difficult experience.

4. What Is Your Favourite Musicians/Band?: ED SHEERAN is Love….I also like Florence + The Machine, Walk The Moon and Chris Daughtery. They are all similar but different and I really enjoy listening to all of these artists no matter what my mood is.

5. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?:  I always wanted to travel to India and be exposed to a whole new culture and open my eyes to a new kind of beauty…I love to see what other countries have to offer. I especially want to go during the Holi festival (festival of colours) they throw dry paint in the street and celebrate the idea of light and colours.

6. If you could be any fictional character, who would it be and why?:  I would wanna be Tally Youngblood from The Uglies. She is so ambitious and empowering and I love the storyline. She is such an amazing character and I love how she puts herself before others, it’s probably the best distopian novel/ series I have read

7.What is your favourite movie and why?:  All time fav is Cinderella Story with Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray. I have loved this movie since I was 6 and I still love it. I love the message and the characters are so loveable and funny. I also love it because the idea of sticking up for yourself and doing what is right for you, and it plays on the social statuses of high school

8. What are three things you want to do before you die?:  Find a friend and backpack/travel to places in the world,  get matching tattoos with my sister and pull a all-nighter on the beach.

9. What advice would you give a child right now?: Enjoy your time as a kid. Don’t wish to be older, younger, smarter, taller just enjoy having your little kid fun and experiences, because you will have plenty of time to grow up.

10. Do you like Shakespeare?: Don’t hate me, but I hated Romeo and Juliet because when I studied it in school this yea,r nobody took it seriously and it was probably the most time consuming thing to analyze. I respect Shakespeare but I had a horrible experience with it. (You try being in a class with 14 year old boys who find “penis” a funny word

11. What is your strongest personality trait?: Passionate. I am passionate about things I love, things I hate, my background, my family. I am a passionate person who enjoys voicing her opinion. I am my own person and I respect myself, I am passionate about being confident.

Here are my nominations

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Here are my Questions

1. Favourite Thing About Blogging?

2. What Is One Word That Describes You?

3.Who Are Your Blogging Inspirations?

4. What Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

5. If You Could Only Bring One Thing On a Stranded Island, What Would It Be?

6. What Is Your Idea of a Perfect Night In?

7. Why Did You Start Blogging?

8. What Is Your Favourite Type of Social Media?

9. What Would You Label Your Blogging Genre?

10. What are Your Dreams and Aspirations For Your Blog

11. What Is The Top 3 Things On Your Bucket list

I am so honoured and appreciative! You don’t even understand. I hope all you wonderful bloggers have a great time, I love you all and until next time

~XO Donatella