Back To School: Things to Avoid Your Freshmen Year in Highschool

Grade 9 can be an exciting and fun year but it can also be stressful as there are tons of changes and new challenges. Since I have been there and done that, I thought I would share my wisdom on the subject of starting high school.

1. Don’t take up all the space in the hallway. Think of high school as an anarchy and as sad as it seems you are at the bottom of the totem pole. Grade 12’s get the center, then grade 11 (that is me) then grade 10’s and then there is you. Kids are bigger, louder and know there way around the school so stick the sides of the hallways. That’s is how you avoid getting caught in the whirlwind of a high school hallway.

2. Don’t sit at the very front of the class or the back. It’s best to sit in the middle that way you are kind of in the social section so that you can make friends easily but still stay focused.

3.Don’t stay quiet. You want to put yourself out there and try to make as much friends on the first day. If your a shy person then try to be talkative with the more outgoing people who start talking to you. Also make friends with both genders, it’s not grade 5 and everyone of the opposite gender has cooties. It’s good to make relationship’s with everyone.

4. Don’t be mean to your locker neighbor. Even if there older try to make a relationship with them. They can be very helpful when you need advice on classes, lost locker or navigating the school. If their in the same grade then you both can potentially help each other out.

5. Don’t sit alone at lunch. You want to try to sit with a person you met in your classes because they can introduce you to others.

6. Don’t avoid clubs and sports. if you are interested in doing something, DO IT! You will regret it if you don’t. Try out for everything because grade 9 is the time to figure out who you are and how can you do that if you don’t try things out.

7. Don’t ditch old friends from grade school. You have spent a long time with them and those relationships are still important. Although I only talk to 4 out of the 23 people I went to school with, I love being able to act more like a kid with them because they remember me during all my awkward stages, that is a special bond. Also, even though you may not talk to the rest of your class, it’s still nice to have people in the class you know so don’t be a jerk.

8. Don’t go to the first party. This is more of a tale of caution. The ugly truth is the first party is a breeding ground for older students, especially grade 10’s to hook up with grade 9’s. A lot of bad can happen here including a social shake up. It’s fun to party, don’t get me wrong but I would wait about 3 weeks till attending one, usually the obsession dies down by then.

9. Don’t act that your top dog. News flash! Your not! This will only put a target on you with not only your own grade but older students. An add on to this is that if you take the bus home 9 times out of 10 there is a bus anarchy as well so don’t get to comfortable in the seat you chose because chances are it belongs to someone else. Try making friends while you wait for the bus because it can take the pain out of riding to and from school.

10. Don’t be naïve. It’s high school and no one is babying you. There is going to be drug, alcohol and people having sex but it is up to you whether you want to be apart of it. Ask around and figure out were a lot of the people doing drugs are and try to avoid them. The key here is not the judge, there all different types of people in high school and that is what makes it so great. Even if someone participates in something you don’t like, doesn’t mean they are a bad person, still give them a chance and drop the hint that your not into that stuff. Nobody likes someone who passes judgment so keep and open mind and have fun.

Grade 9 is so fun and exciting so be yourself and enjoy it! I hope this was helpful and please let me know if you want more back to school tips and study ideas.


5 Tips To Stay Positive When The Job Hunt Seems Never-Ending

It wasn’t that long ago that I was experiencing the job hunt struggles  and I know how difficult it can be to pick yourself up after not getting a job, not finding one or like me getting let go. Finding a job is difficult but don’t let that stop you from achieving where you want to be. You may feel as though you have all this knowledge and education to successfully do the job but it never turns out in your favour.

However, as difficult as it might seem, keeping a positive attitude throughout your job search can truly make all the difference in the entire process. Seems impossible? Here are five tips to help you find the bright side during, what can be, a challenging job search.


1. Find Energy

Looking for a job seems never ending and it is easy to feel powerless so don’t focus on all the things you can’t control, focus on all the things you can. 

It’s simple! Channel your energy into being the best applicant you can possibly be: Polish your resume; take a course to refine a skill that could benefit you; do anything you can to better position yourself against your competition. You may not be able to control the entire process, but you should at least do your best with what is well within your grasp.

2. Flip Your Strategy

The job hunting world is no longer a personal one, everything is done online and often times you may feel a disconnect between you and your future employer.

If you’re beginning to feel frustrated and exhausted with your search, try switching up how you’re doing things. Walk away from the computer screen and set up an informational interview. Enter the store, even if you know they take resumes online, you are more memorable that way and you might even get to see the manager in passing. Its bad to continue to do the same thing over and over again (particularly if it doesn’t seem to be working) is a surefire way to grow even more frustrated and discouraged.

3. Don’t Dwell

You may become down in the dumps because your efforts feel to you as failed. And that can be more than enough to make you feel gloomy and unmotivated. Suddenly, evenings spent being a couch potato sound like all you’re physically capable of after a long day of fruitless job searching.

However, camping out inside your home will only send your spirits into even more of a downward spiral. So keep yourself busy, spend time with friends or take up a hobby. Establish a routine that gets you out of the house each and every day. Believe me, turning into a job search hermit will only make your situation seem negative.

4. Get Out There!

Looking for a solution that will get you out of the house and also give your professional reputation a boost? Find opportunities to volunteer!

I got my job from extensive volunteer work with people, even though it seems irrelevant to your future job, having team work and people experience is so important to all employers. It can help you learn and refine some new or old skills. When you volunteer, you can try your hand at things you wouldn’t necessarily be willing to attempt in a traditional work environment. It also gives you the opportunity to meet new people who can help you land or decide on exactly the type of job or person you want to be in the market.

5. Don’t Be Picky

Instead of looking at your long (never-ending it may seem!) job hunt as a hindrance, think of it as your opportunity to discover different career paths and identify what you really want to do. Make sure to keep an open mind when job hunting. You are not going to find the perfect life long job out of the gate, it’s going to take a few swings.

See if you can find some different job shadowing opportunities or unpaid work to help you gain some experience, test drive different careers, and beef up your resume. Remember, taking the time to explore your options is never a bad thing.


There’s no denying that a long job hunt can be discouraging and disheartening. However, focusing on the negatives will only add fuel to your pessimistic fire! As cliché as it might sound, staying positive is absolutely crucial.

I know, it’s easier said than done. But, put these tips into play and you’re sure to feel a little bit better about your job search. Trust me, no matter what it may feel like, your job hunt won’t last forever.

Have you dealt with a long job search before? How did you stay positive?


Update: Finding a Job 2.0

The best way to predict the future is to change it. -Abraham Lincoln

Hello lovelies, I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to write my coffee talk this weekend but in all honesty I wasn’t feeling it. I have another job update because let’s face it this is a big milestone in my life and this story I am about to share with you is both depressing and hilarious. After I went for my interview at (store that I rather not name) I got a phone call 3 days later saying that I got a job and my family and I were aesthetic, I told my family and friends the following day and everyone was impressed. I myself, was very proud because I tried my absolute best to find a job and I was surprised I found one.

Unfortunately, I got some bad news the day before I was supposed to work. The manager realized the store policy had changed and that I was not of age to work for the company. I was shocked and speechless for a good five minutes…I was a little upset but not because I was technically “fired” (I had signed hiring paperwork so I was fired ahahah) but because I had bust my butt and had nothing to show for it. Luckily, the manger said as soon as I am of age she will hire me right off the bat, so obviously I was a good candidate. I still sat around that day with a dead end plan which is not effective as my mother later pointed out, my parents had felt bad because they new I was hard on myself and they didn’t want me to get discouraged. My mom and dad said they were proud and I knew they were but it wasn’t good enough…I felt like a failure.

I soon realized that I had zero control over the scenario and that nobody could have done anything differently and I became thankful for having the experience that can help me in the future. My sister asked me why I was upset and I told her it’s because I thought I had succeeded but I didn’t, do you know what it’s like to be hired and fired in the same week (it’s funny now but in the moment…not so much)  I told my sister that this is a lesson that trying your best may not always work but you can always gain something, and that I gained a full job process experience.

I recently got a phone call from another company to come in for an interview (I just realized I am also not of age but I can try!) I will take all the experience I can get because at least I am trying and putting myself out there, and that is more than some other teenagers can say.

Lesson Learned: Everything happens for a reason, and it may not go as planned but you need to learn from it in order to grow and for it to be worth it

~XOXO Donatella

Upate: Finding A Job

A couple of days ago, I sat in defeat and did what all bloggers do…sit at your computer and type. Today I got some good news…I got an interview! And I am pretty sure my mom and dad were more excited then I was (if you haven’t read the first post, please stop now and read the other one) I was blown away at how may other blogger suffered from the same thing not being able to find a job.  I just wanted to let you all know that I appreciate your words of wisdom, and I do not take back what I said in the first post… Finding a job is discouraging but you just gotta keep pushing!

~XOXO Donatella

P.S thank you to Tabitha from the Orange Owl Diaries for giving me some great advice

P.S.S I NEVER POST TWICE IN ONE DAY but I thought today was worth it. I mean I kinda gotta job…No excuse me while I pop myself so champagne