The Jean Machine: How To Style A Jean Jacket

Jean jackets have been my latest obsession, there great because they not only look stylish but also come in different washes and fits to look good on anyone. Over the last couple weeks I have worn them a lot as it has become a bit chillier at night and at work. I realized that it can be difficult when styling a jean jacket because the possibilities can not only be overwhelming but also can leave you frustrated because you don’t know what goes with a jean jacket.

So I decided to give some inspirations on how to style a jean jacket not only for you but for kids as well to prove that jean jackets look good on everyone. With the help from my 10 year old sister modelling and taking photos of me, I hope you enjoy. (stay tuned for my sisters outfits next week!)

In and Out of Work Look

Floral top

Shorts: Banana Republic      Top: Forever 21

Days can get busy so make sure you wear something can be practical where ever you go. It’s important while being in and out of work that you still look some what presentable but still functional. The shorts offer a comfortable but professional look so you don’t have to be  squirming in a skirt all day. The top is dainty and cute and adds some colour as it is still summer. Lastly, the dark was jean jacket adds the option to stay warm as your in and out of air conditioning.

The jacket adds little pops of gold that clash nicely with the dark fabric and light shorts. Tip: it’s important that when wearing something business casual and using a jean jacket, to make it subtle and almost as if it can be optional. Often jean can look to casual, thats why I opted for a darker wash.

Casual Night Out Look

White jean collage 1

This is one of my favorites! The striped body con dress with the white jean jacket gives a dressy yet effortless look. I love the bag that was paired with simply for the pop of colour it gives, and of course comfortable shoes because no one needs their feet hurting after a long night.


Dress: H&M.       Jacket:Marc Jacobs          Bag: Heys

Chilly Night


This look is inspired by the jacket itself. The jacket is a Moto Jacket from Topshop and I wanted the outfit to reflect the jacket so I paired it with and olive green crop top (pick a colour that accents your skin)


Jacket: Topshop

The jacket fits big and the light wash clashes nicely with the green top. The shoulder fit of the jacket is similar to the ones in the 80’s which gives you that Moto/oversized appearance.

The back is retro which I love and believe it or not this jacket is a consignment store find. The rolled up sleeves look so cute and paired with the black pants below really seals in the whole look


Pants: Zara

moto collage 1


Lastly, the shoes are the best, they add a girly vibe to the look and the shoes laser cut sides are my favourite part. It’s also really nice how there is a zipper at the back of the shoe so your not stuck undoing the laces. The best part of these shoes is that there is no heel and therefore you won’t sink into grass.

I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for next week were I post my sisters looks with a jean jacket. My upcoming post is all about packing for a trip so be sure to follow my blog twitter and Instagram to stay up to date.

I hope you all have a great day and I hope to keep in touchsignature

Monthly Makeup Bag// May

Over the course of 2 months I wanted to start a series about the makeup, skincare or beauty tools I have been loving over the course of the month. So I decided to call it the Monthly Makeup Bag (if you have a better name I would love to hear it). So this post will go out at the end of every month and it may or may not have a theme. This months theme is: Face 


In this photo: UD in oil-contol


With hot weather comes sweat and with sweat comes greasy and patchy makeup. The Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray keeps my makeup on my face all day and it still looks fresh and pore-less by the end of the day. The great thing about this spray is that it dry’s fast and are available for different skin types and purposes. It ranges from $17.00(1 0z)-$38.oo(4 oz).


A BB cream is a great alternative for foundation that I have been loving, it gives my skin room to breath without going out with nothing on. It’s the perfect your skin but better. I have always used Physicains Fomula Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Balm Cream, I have the colour Light/Medium but there is a light and medium/deep option. Just be careful when picking your shade, if you usually consider yourself lighter olive the light to medium here will be perfect but if you are lighter or darker than that go up one shade or down.

This is probably my favourite primer ever! especially for the summer. It is the bareMinerals Prime Time brightening primer.  This is not the standard size bottle, it’s a travel one because I ran out of the big one but this guy retails for $28.00 (1 oz). This keeps my T-zone oil free and giving me that “glow from within” look that is really big this season!



This concealer feels like there is nothing on my face, although it does crease if not set and is not full coverage by any means. It is great to wear on a natural day to brighten up your eyes and highlight the high points of your face. It is the Covergirl Ready, Set Gorgeous Concealer  I have it in light because use it as a brightener. Other shades are fair, light/medium, medium, medium/deep, and deep. I got mine for $5.00.

I have had this blush forever and I cried a little when I realized it was discontinued but it technically is not. Rimmel re-packaged and named a blush that is almost exactly alike just a tad bit less shimmery. This is Rimmel London 101 Pink Sugar/ Pink Rose . It gives a natural pink to a cheek and what was stunning is that is looks beautiful on all skin tones… I have seen it 😉

That’s all! I hope you all enjoyed this post and it was so fun to photograph. Also I think you bookworms out there will love my next post!

~Ciao, Donatella
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5 Winter Hats You Need In Your Collection


One of my favorite items to wear in the winter besides boots is a hat. Whether it’s a beanie, a toque or even a beret, I will wear it with anything. The best things about hats are that they can cover up that bad hair day or messy curls gone wrong and make it look like you meant to wear it with this dress (yes, I just said you can wear hats with a dress)

Now if you are not a hat person, haven’t seen the point in hats, or are just so overwhelmed with choice, well you are reading the right post. I have put together 5 hats that are able to look good with anything in your wardrobe, and not to mention finish off every outfit.

  1. The Floppy Hat

These hats recently came on the scene as a huge trend and rightfully so. People say that hats can’t be worn to dress up but these hats are a huge exception. I bought mine in red and I usually pair it with black jeans, a chunky sweater, a scarf and a light coat maybe black or navy blue. This hat is perfect if you are on the job and have to make a lot of job related stops or meeting with clients. It’s your ideal “I am a business women and fashionable at that”. Charlotte Russe $15

2. The Lazy Beanie

Personally, this is my favorite hat, I can wear it with sweats, with a parka and even with a skirt because it’s not too flashy and the colour is great. The versatility of this style is what draws me to it, and it’s simplicity is a huge plus for someone who doesn’t wear hats that often. This is a great hat to keep in your purse or quickly run out of the house with if it’s chillier than what you expected. Charlotte Russe $12

3. The Cute Beanie

Not to say that the last beanie wasn’t cute, but it can be a little boring. This one has a pom pom accent and that cream and grey woven wool is very pretty and keeps you warm. I usually wear this when I am going out with friends, going skating or stopping off in a coffee shop. This hat sits nicely on the head, it slouches just like a beanie but has a little more structure at the head.Charlotte Russe $16

4.The Bowl Hat

Now, don’t let the name fool you. I call it the bowl hat because it is a mix between a beret and a regular ski hat. It’s not as structured at a beret but not as oval as a ski hat so it makes a perfect circle on you head, kind of like a bowl. This is perfect for those days that your hair is really frizzy or really greasy because it covers all parts of the head in one section without you having to worry if your fly-a-ways are peaking through. I recommend wearing this hat when it’s a little warmer just because it doesn’t cover your ears as much as a toque or ski hat. Charlotte Russe $15

5. The Ski Hat

It’s purpose is right in the name, it’s a ski hat meant for skiing. Or if you are like me and don’t know how to ski, it’s perfect for running in the winter or for days you are going to be outside for a long time. I always get these ones in a more colorful pattern or colour because I will usually wear it with my ski coat, plus it adds a nice element of fun Burton Snowboarding $30

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Summer to Fall Outfit

Hey everyone, I hope everyone is having a great day. Today’s post is a little different then what I normally do, I will be showing you my ideal summer to fall outfit. I always find it difficult to dress myself in september because the weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind so I put together an outfit with little tips on how to effectively dress for the awkward month. Click each picture above for a brief description of what I’m wearing and why I chose it.

This post was in collaboration with Hannah from day in hannah’s life check out her post and her take on the transition between summer and fall. Big thanks to Natasha for the awesome photos, check out her blog at Polaroid Pleasures

~XOXO Donatella

Lush Mask of Magnaminty Body Mask Review

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself~ Coco Channel

Hello everyone! I hope you Monday is starting off well. Today I have decided to pay tribute to one of the best products I have ever used, I owe everything to this baby and I think it is time I add my review to the long list of praises it already has.

The background story: I walked into Lush one day to re-purchase the Cupcake Fresh Face Mask (also a wonderful product, but that review is for another time). I just so happen to walk by the body section and picked up the signature black tub which contained mint filled heaven that I was not aware of at the moment. I read the label “Don’t mask those spots- mask of magnaminty them” A sales associate noticed my curiosity and started to talk to me about the product. There are 2 versions of this mask, I bought there self-preserving one which has been expertly rebalanced, so there’s no synthetic preservatives, then there is the non self-preserving which needs to be kept in the fridge because it does not have the rebalanced formula (correct me if i’m wrong)


What is it?: It is a deep cleansing face and back mask. The China clay and peppermint get deep into the pores of the skin and pulls out dirt and oil, and it gives your body a tingly feel. It also exfoliates with the aduki beans to rid of any flakey dry skin. With vanilla absolute to calm redness and honey to soothe, so the mask not only cleans but never leaves your skin irritated as well as it keeps irritated skin at bay . It can be used as a face mask but personally I use it as a back and body mask, I have scarring on my back from when my skin would break out and slowly the mask is helping the healing process and keeping any impurities away.


What it looks and feels like: It is a green thick paste with grains of all natural exfoliants inside. It is rough but when applied to ares it disburses and all you can feel are the natural exfoliants working to replenish your skin. The  int gives a tingle in your skin which wakes your body up and tightens your skin due to the cleaning.

How to use it: First you scoop the product out of the tub. Next you apply to where it is needed and rub it into and around the skin in circular motions. After let the product sit in your skin for 5-10 minutes (I usually shampoo and condition my hair because those products need time to sit too). Lastly, rinse off your skin and pat dry when you get out of the shower. Don’t forget to moisturize.

What it feels like after use: My skin feels healthier and the scars are lighter because the properties in the mask are naturally erasing my skin cells memories as well as taking off the dead layer of skin.

Who does it work for?: This mask can work for anyone, unless you are allergic to the ingredients in the product, no products should irritate the skin. I works great for all skin types, sensitive, combination, dry or acne- prone.

Where to find the product/ more info: You can find this product at your local Lush store or buy it online at Lush website (this is the link to the Natural one) Lush website (self-preserving one)IMG_5817

I hope you all enjoyed this post, because I liked writing it. If you have any questions please comment or contact me, I would really like to write more of these post so let me know if you would like to see more.

~XOXO DonatellaIMG_5833

7 Pieces Of Clothing That I Can’t Stop Wearing

Hello, I hope everyones weekend is going well. Todays post is a little different, I have talked a lot about my love for photography but I realized I haven’t showed any of you plus I haven’t done a fashion post….so I guess there is a first time for everything. Today I will be posting about 7 things I can’t stop wearing! I am truly addicted to these items.

IMG_26971. Root’s Sweatpants

I never would have guessed that sweatpants would be a trend, let alone one I would follow but boy can I say that it has changed my life. I come home from school, rip off my uniform and throw on those pants and life gets better. They are truly worth the $68.00 investment, because they wash well, you can wear with anything and as weird as this sounds…look stylish. I wore them to bed, when I study, lounging around, grocery shopping and even to the Mall. Long live the love for these babies in my heart and closet. Heres the link to the website

2. Abercrombie & Finch Cropped and Flowey Sweater 

I love this top because it was so different from any other thing I had in my closet, it was sophisticated yet fun a flirty and could be worn all year round because it is not that thick. You can dress it up with a skirt (Like I did on New Years, Check out my Instagram to see it!) or you can wear it with jeans or some tights. I think it’s just so perfect for a night out or a study date with friends. Abercrombie won me over with it’s diversity! * I also wore it in the recent selfie I posted

3. Roots Cabin/ Worker Socks

Once again who knew that this once old, ugly and itchy piece of clothing could be turned into something so wonderfully warm and comfortable. I actually have the original worker socks but my little Root’s babies stole a spot on my feet and in my sock drawer. I wear these to school with my kilt and closed toed Birkenstocks or with boots over tights, and my favourite…to bed. They look so masculine but you can girl them up with a cardigan, flannel or a nice sweater. These socks are a necessity for those cold Canadian winters and a great staple piece….Socks? A staple piece? (Here’s the link)

4. Forever 21 Tan Ankle Booties 

Boot’s and winters go hand in hand, but I was tired of the classic Ugg and Moccasin so I decided to break out my Tan booties. I don’t wear them when it is really cold but I do like them when there is a nice occasion or when it is a little warmer. They have made my winter outfits, they have a small block heel, suede leather, and a slightly pointed toe….but my favourite part is the small studs and circle decals on the back, they add the extra something. Unfortunately I bought these last year in March but there are lots of Tan Ankle Booties that are out there so be on the look out.

5. My Handmade Finger-Knitted Scarf

First off I would like to say I DID NOT make this scarf…(I can’t do anything artistic) but my wonderful friend for Christmas made me one and I LOVE IT. I wear it around the house, at school (when no one’s looking because it’s a uniform violation) and when I am outside in the snow. UGH it keeps me soooo warm and the off blue with shades of grey wool goes with my wardrobe so well. She obviously knows my wardrobe consists of mostly shades and occasionally red, I love wearing it with cardigans because it’s perfectly chunky and it looks amazing with the worker socks. Thanks Julia! (I personally think you should sell them on Etsy for us lazy and untalented people that can’t make one.)

6. Black Tights

Nothing to fancy but they truly are one of the most worn item by far. These tights are from Costco (bow down to the queen of comfiest clothes) and they are thick and so warm, perfect for winter. These tights are by Tuff Athletics, unfortunately you can’t order from the site or Costco, they are only in store, but definitely pick up a pair of there tights or yoga pants. I really like how these have a red band the the top, they give this basic item something else.

7. Red and White Stripped Cardigan

This is definitely my most worn item….I actually go to school and friends say “I knew you were going to wear that” or “How did I know that was going to be the one you are wearing?” It is so comfortable and it is just long enough that it covers my butt, but doesn’t cover my kilt when I am at school and It has a hood which I never wear but it’s something different. The cardigan has buttons which is a nice accent and can be worn also as a sweater. It is so diverse and you can wear it to any event. I really like to wear it with a white tank top and those Root’s Sweatpants when I study, and with tights, worker socks and moccasins. That cardigan follows me everywhere. It’s from Aeropostale and they recently just stopped selling it but it could be on the discount rack at your nearest store.

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