Back To School: Things to Avoid Your Freshmen Year in Highschool

Grade 9 can be an exciting and fun year but it can also be stressful as there are tons of changes and new challenges. Since I have been there and done that, I thought I would share my wisdom on the subject of starting high school.

1. Don’t take up all the space in the hallway. Think of high school as an anarchy and as sad as it seems you are at the bottom of the totem pole. Grade 12’s get the center, then grade 11 (that is me) then grade 10’s and then there is you. Kids are bigger, louder and know there way around the school so stick the sides of the hallways. That’s is how you avoid getting caught in the whirlwind of a high school hallway.

2. Don’t sit at the very front of the class or the back. It’s best to sit in the middle that way you are kind of in the social section so that you can make friends easily but still stay focused.

3.Don’t stay quiet. You want to put yourself out there and try to make as much friends on the first day. If your a shy person then try to be talkative with the more outgoing people who start talking to you. Also make friends with both genders, it’s not grade 5 and everyone of the opposite gender has cooties. It’s good to make relationship’s with everyone.

4. Don’t be mean to your locker neighbor. Even if there older try to make a relationship with them. They can be very helpful when you need advice on classes, lost locker or navigating the school. If their in the same grade then you both can potentially help each other out.

5. Don’t sit alone at lunch. You want to try to sit with a person you met in your classes because they can introduce you to others.

6. Don’t avoid clubs and sports. if you are interested in doing something, DO IT! You will regret it if you don’t. Try out for everything because grade 9 is the time to figure out who you are and how can you do that if you don’t try things out.

7. Don’t ditch old friends from grade school. You have spent a long time with them and those relationships are still important. Although I only talk to 4 out of the 23 people I went to school with, I love being able to act more like a kid with them because they remember me during all my awkward stages, that is a special bond. Also, even though you may not talk to the rest of your class, it’s still nice to have people in the class you know so don’t be a jerk.

8. Don’t go to the first party. This is more of a tale of caution. The ugly truth is the first party is a breeding ground for older students, especially grade 10’s to hook up with grade 9’s. A lot of bad can happen here including a social shake up. It’s fun to party, don’t get me wrong but I would wait about 3 weeks till attending one, usually the obsession dies down by then.

9. Don’t act that your top dog. News flash! Your not! This will only put a target on you with not only your own grade but older students. An add on to this is that if you take the bus home 9 times out of 10 there is a bus anarchy as well so don’t get to comfortable in the seat you chose because chances are it belongs to someone else. Try making friends while you wait for the bus because it can take the pain out of riding to and from school.

10. Don’t be naïve. It’s high school and no one is babying you. There is going to be drug, alcohol and people having sex but it is up to you whether you want to be apart of it. Ask around and figure out were a lot of the people doing drugs are and try to avoid them. The key here is not the judge, there all different types of people in high school and that is what makes it so great. Even if someone participates in something you don’t like, doesn’t mean they are a bad person, still give them a chance and drop the hint that your not into that stuff. Nobody likes someone who passes judgment so keep and open mind and have fun.

Grade 9 is so fun and exciting so be yourself and enjoy it! I hope this was helpful and please let me know if you want more back to school tips and study ideas.


How To: Get Over Bad Grades

We all struggle with something when it comes to school, I am looking at particularly academics. For me, it is something I have struggled with since I was little and that would be the frustrating world of mathematics. I have always struggled with subjects that were based around a black and white principle, luckily next year I no longer have to put myself through pain of sitting through a 75 minute science class. Unfortunately, that is not the case for math. Last year, I had a 73% in math, I wasn’t ecstatic but I was quite satisfied considering the uphill battle I had throughout the semester. This year seem’s be be a little different

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The Secret’s to Surviving The School Year

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style” – Maya Angelou

I have had my fair share of school years (13 to be exact) and I have learned a lot throughout all of them, so I have put together 5 simple rules/reminders that have helped me/helping me when finding my way through school. This particular post is aimed at everyone because at one point or another we have all experienced school, so whether you here to read because you need to know or want to laugh about what it used to be like for you I hope you enjoy

1. Try to look presentable on the first day: I don’t care if you give up on the second day, hell I don’t care if you give up in the second hour, just do yourself up as best as possible for the first day. This is the first time people have seen you for 2 months or this could be the first time anyone has seen you, so be sure to put you best foot forward. Even though I have uniforms, I always do my hair a little nicer, take a bit more time on my eyeliner and take a moment to add some lip balm. First impressions matter as much as i hate to say it!

2. Stear clear of drama: I will remember this for as long as I live. Once in a while we get caught up in the wrong crowd or someone you thought was a great friend turned out to be someone that they weren’t but always pay attention the the red flags. Usually you can tell when someone is drama prone a) they usually create it b) the are attention seeking and c) they often talk down or bad to and about others. Also, don’t be afraid to take your time when deciding to bring someone into your circle of friends.

3. Be Yourself: I am all for acting but acting like someone your not is a different story. Playing someone else can be fun but also tiring, so when you enter your school have a smile on your face and play yourself because there is no one like you. Don’t try to change yourself to fit in because the people who like you for you, are the people you want to fit in with.

4. Stay put together (or at leaste fake it): I am not going to lie, my locker doesn’t look like it came out of the Staples catalogue but I always try to keep organized. You never want to be that one person that everyone thinks “wow, they are a disaster” as much as you shouldn’t care what other’s think, in this case maybe you should. Using and agenda, keeping your binder organized and making sure your desk is neat is just a couple of things you should do to be in order….or fake it, like me!

5. Don’t put to much on your plate: I have seen lots of people go down hill from biting off more then they can chew. My solution is know they way you work, for me id I have more then 3 big things to accomplish during the day then I will burn myself out. We often make commitments because we feel like we need to not because we want to, so before saying yes, take a step back and evaluate yourself and your week

Those are some basic tips to keep yourself together for the school year, they are simple but can be hard to maintain. I recommend you sit down and write a list of 10 goals you want to accomplish/ keep this school year and keep it where you can see it.

~XOXO Donatella

10 Tips To Make Your Road Trip More Enjoyable

Hey everyone! We have all been on road trips and they are one of the best trips and memories ever but we often forget the pain and agony of the “road” trip itself. If you are not armed and ready with ways to entertain yourself and others you can get on each others nerves very easily. I have decided to share my tips on how to make the journey just as enjoyable as the destination. 
My Roadtrip Itinerary At the moment I am currently headed to Pennsylvania to spend the night and then head to Virginia for a week. While we are in Virginia we will be traveling to Washington D.C and then on are way home we are stopping in Philadelphia.
Pack Snacks: this will save you time and money while traveling. Pack a cooler bag with waters, juice, trail mix, crackers, and fruit. (Be careful if you are crossing the boarder, be sure to claim what you are bringing over like alcohol at duty free, or and citrus fruit)

DVD/Player: if your not blessed with a DVD player in your vehicle make sure to bring a portable did player, this always entertains my little sister and even myself. At the moment I am watching The O.C and my sister packed her favourite movies. (If you have a tablet make sure to download movies)

Update your playlist: I love music and before I left I loaded my iPod with some new tracks that I have been meaning to listen to. This applies for podcast lovers too!

Plan out stops: unfortunately this is a step my parents fail to do but I do recommend looking over your route before you leave. We plan to stop before the boarder and every other state line, but I highly doubt my family will follow this. 

Card games/ board games: my sister and I love games and we always pack crazy 8’s, trouble and travel size checkers. These games are also great to have when you arrive at you destination and maybe you can have a game night ( we always bring trivial pursuit)

Have a GPS: my family and I are directionally challenged (except for my mom) we always use are GPS, and you can use it anywhere and time on your trip. But as a back up always have a map of specific areas you will be visiting as well as vague maps that give you an outline of major highways.

Have sepearate travel bags: everyone in my family bring there own backpack fill of there essentials and materials. This prevents cluter and frustration, for example my mom has her tote bag, my dad has his backpack and my sister and I have are own.

Sleeping gear/ comfy clothes: fun fact about me, I can sleep anywhere plane, train, car,bus ,boat you name it and if it’s moving I’ll sleep on it. So brining a neck pillow and blanket is a necessity, it perfect because you never know if you will be driving longer then expected. Major traveling tip is wearing a comfy outfit, there will be not dresses, skirts or heels in my car, just shorts, sweaters and sweatpants. You will thank me later 

Toiletry bag: this is a just in case tip, I always have some makeup, deodorant and even a toothbrush on hand when traveling . You never know what state you will look like throughout the drive so it is always good to look somewhat presentable especially if your travelling with others besides your family.

Phone plan: this may seem unnessisary but if your like myself and visiting another country, it is important to get a plan that can be used in order to communicate with other people in your traveling groups especially when driving. If you were to get lost on the road, something dangerous happened or the car broke down you can call someone with in the area to help you. This could easily save your trip

I hope you all enjoy this post, I know I haven’t pasted in a long time but I hope to post and talk to you all soon. I will keep updating my vacation and maybe some possible travel reviews as well as tips! Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram to stay connected, as well as like this post if you enjoyed it and if you really like my blog please follow it.
~XOXO Donatella

Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Morning Routine

We all have tough mornings and it can really put a damper on your day so here are a couple of ways to make rolling out of bed a little easier

1.Wake Up to Some Tunes

I know that a little bit music can really change my mood and give me a new outlook on my day. I will go on iTunes pick my favourite tracks and play it right when I am getting ready . My favourite songs to wake up to are “Chocolate by The 1975” “Shut up and Dance by Walk The Moon” and “Shake It Out by Florence + The Machine”. So the night before make a playlist or go on Songza and get grooving with your tunes.

2. Drink a Glass of Ice Water

I swear by this. This wakes me up really quick, it’s like one minute I feel sluggish and the next i feel like I can conquer everything. It fires up your metabolism which gives you the energy and stamina to take on your day.

3.  Wear Some New Perfume/ Take a Shower

We all love perfume because it makes us feel so a live and fresh but maybe you should retire your classic Channel perfume and change it,  you know for spring. If you really struggle to wake up maybe you should hop in the shower and wash your body with a really awakening body wash (little tip, anything that smells like mint really does the job)

4. Get It Together 

This is a good tip to do before you go to bed, if your desk and floor are organized and cleaned chances are you will be more compelled to get stuff done, it’s all about motivation to take on the day. Nobody wants to be compelled to clean but if everything looks fairly put together you can be positive and be prepared to take on the day.

5. Change Up your Beauty Routine

Take minute to clean out all those un wanted beauty products and chuck those tubes of empty mascara, and hit up Sephora or drugstore to get some new goodies. I recommend getting a new face wash and moisturizer because the seasons are changing into Spring and it’s a good time to change. Plus you won’t be board of the same old thing and that will give you an extra spring in your step


I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and that you might use these tips to get you back into the swing of things. I am always open to hearing your feedback as well as your ideas for future blog post so just click the contact me button and let me know. Till next time!

~Donatella XO