Why You Should Meditate + Visuale

I did a post about why you should meditate a while ago and i decided to re vamp it and put in a visual format because you all seem to like these and I love how fun they are to make. This is a new health series I will be starting all about meditation and I will be putting it out every month.

Meditation is starting to become a more common thing in the world and my life. Meditation is a practice where an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content, or as an end in itself. Continue reading

Night time routine

Recharge Your Night Routine: 6 Steps to Peaceful Nights and Successful Days

I have learned that finding a sleep routine is a goldilocks and the 3 bears kind of situation. You have to test it out, feel the waters and it’s okay if the porridge is to hot and the chairs to big, you just have to keep testing. In the mean time all that trial and error can disrupt your sleep pattern and as a result ruin your days. On the other hand you can get bored of the same routine and this may also cause a disturbance with your beauty sleep. It’s okay because I can guarantee you that these 6 steps will resting well at night and loudly singing in the morning.

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Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Morning Routine

We all have tough mornings and it can really put a damper on your day so here are a couple of ways to make rolling out of bed a little easier

1.Wake Up to Some Tunes

I know that a little bit music can really change my mood and give me a new outlook on my day. I will go on iTunes pick my favourite tracks and play it right when I am getting ready . My favourite songs to wake up to are “Chocolate by The 1975” “Shut up and Dance by Walk The Moon” and “Shake It Out by Florence + The Machine”. So the night before make a playlist or go on Songza and get grooving with your tunes.

2. Drink a Glass of Ice Water

I swear by this. This wakes me up really quick, it’s like one minute I feel sluggish and the next i feel like I can conquer everything. It fires up your metabolism which gives you the energy and stamina to take on your day.

3.  Wear Some New Perfume/ Take a Shower

We all love perfume because it makes us feel so a live and fresh but maybe you should retire your classic Channel perfume and change it,  you know for spring. If you really struggle to wake up maybe you should hop in the shower and wash your body with a really awakening body wash (little tip, anything that smells like mint really does the job)

4. Get It Together 

This is a good tip to do before you go to bed, if your desk and floor are organized and cleaned chances are you will be more compelled to get stuff done, it’s all about motivation to take on the day. Nobody wants to be compelled to clean but if everything looks fairly put together you can be positive and be prepared to take on the day.

5. Change Up your Beauty Routine

Take minute to clean out all those un wanted beauty products and chuck those tubes of empty mascara, and hit up Sephora or drugstore to get some new goodies. I recommend getting a new face wash and moisturizer because the seasons are changing into Spring and it’s a good time to change. Plus you won’t be board of the same old thing and that will give you an extra spring in your step


I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and that you might use these tips to get you back into the swing of things. I am always open to hearing your feedback as well as your ideas for future blog post so just click the contact me button and let me know. Till next time!

~Donatella XO