The Elephant: What The Symbol Did For Me and What It Can Do For You

My love for the elephant started from a young age when I went to Montessori school and the teacher (who I love dearly and has taught me everything I know) told me about elephants being killed for their tusks. You might be thinking “why is the teacher telling a 5 year old such a horrible thing?” but without her I wouldn’t be as aware of the world as I am today, I am like this because she told us the truth about culture, war, animals and different religions (but most importantly have respect for them and for the world). I was horrified by this discovery, so I asked “why would they kill such a beautiful, strong and smart animal?” Continue reading

Sixteen + A List Of Sixteen Things

I was born on this day sixteen years ago today! Yay me! Yes today is my sixteenth birthday and considering the events of the past 5 weeks I am very excited that today I can try to forget and celebrate. Although nor do me and my family understand let alone participate in “Sweet Sixteen” parties with a big cake, drunk teens and a new car (although that last one would be nice), we do however throw a party with my immediate family and then I get together with friends later on.

I have been reflecting on my life up until this point (which probably sounds ridiculous because there is probably food in the fridge older than me, but…) Throughout these years I have gained quite a bit of knowledge on what to do, what not to do and things you will do without even realizing it. Here it is “Sixteen Things I Have Learned Throughout My Sixteen Years Of Living”

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Looking Back

Well it’s 2016 and of course I have had to go and catch a cold at the most important time of the year (talk about stress). I have work on top of work to complete and I’m drowning in ginger ale and Advil, what a great way to start off my new year! I thought because the New Year was here it was time to evaluate what exactly happened back in 2015.

I normally don’t due resolutions I just pounder what went right and what went wrong over the last year. I always think about what I could have done better like studied harder for math or should have been more patient but one goal that I have this year is to stop stressing

So what 2015 kinda kicked my ass, this year I am going to kick 2016’s ass and it’s gonna feel great!

Stop worrying about what could have happened, and what should have been, because there is nothing I can do about it now. I need to look at what is right there and what I can do. So what 2015 kinda kicked my ass, this year I am going to kick 2016’s ass and it’s gonna feel great! 

I am gonna stop being so worried about what might go wrong, or am I going to fail. So what I might mess up, I need to get back on the horse. So after I am done with this cold I am going to be a better me because I owe it to myself

~XOXO Donatella

Update: Finding a Job 2.0

The best way to predict the future is to change it. -Abraham Lincoln

Hello lovelies, I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to write my coffee talk this weekend but in all honesty I wasn’t feeling it. I have another job update because let’s face it this is a big milestone in my life and this story I am about to share with you is both depressing and hilarious. After I went for my interview at (store that I rather not name) I got a phone call 3 days later saying that I got a job and my family and I were aesthetic, I told my family and friends the following day and everyone was impressed. I myself, was very proud because I tried my absolute best to find a job and I was surprised I found one.

Unfortunately, I got some bad news the day before I was supposed to work. The manager realized the store policy had changed and that I was not of age to work for the company. I was shocked and speechless for a good five minutes…I was a little upset but not because I was technically “fired” (I had signed hiring paperwork so I was fired ahahah) but because I had bust my butt and had nothing to show for it. Luckily, the manger said as soon as I am of age she will hire me right off the bat, so obviously I was a good candidate. I still sat around that day with a dead end plan which is not effective as my mother later pointed out, my parents had felt bad because they new I was hard on myself and they didn’t want me to get discouraged. My mom and dad said they were proud and I knew they were but it wasn’t good enough…I felt like a failure.

I soon realized that I had zero control over the scenario and that nobody could have done anything differently and I became thankful for having the experience that can help me in the future. My sister asked me why I was upset and I told her it’s because I thought I had succeeded but I didn’t, do you know what it’s like to be hired and fired in the same week (it’s funny now but in the moment…not so much)  I told my sister that this is a lesson that trying your best may not always work but you can always gain something, and that I gained a full job process experience.

I recently got a phone call from another company to come in for an interview (I just realized I am also not of age but I can try!) I will take all the experience I can get because at least I am trying and putting myself out there, and that is more than some other teenagers can say.

Lesson Learned: Everything happens for a reason, and it may not go as planned but you need to learn from it in order to grow and for it to be worth it

~XOXO Donatella

Upate: Finding A Job

A couple of days ago, I sat in defeat and did what all bloggers do…sit at your computer and type. Today I got some good news…I got an interview! And I am pretty sure my mom and dad were more excited then I was (if you haven’t read the first post, please stop now and read the other one) I was blown away at how may other blogger suffered from the same thing not being able to find a job.  I just wanted to let you all know that I appreciate your words of wisdom, and I do not take back what I said in the first post… Finding a job is discouraging but you just gotta keep pushing!

~XOXO Donatella

P.S thank you to Tabitha from the Orange Owl Diaries for giving me some great advice

P.S.S I NEVER POST TWICE IN ONE DAY but I thought today was worth it. I mean I kinda gotta job…No excuse me while I pop myself so champagne

Am I Hurting My Sister’s Self-esteem ?

Bonjour everyone, so today is a more personal post about the fine line of teaching someone to have thick skin and just plain beating them down. Now if you have a younger sibling you were always taught to:

  • look out for them
  • teach them to not make the same mistakes as you
  • and occasionally hit them over the head when they are acting like idiots

If you are the younger sibling you can probably recall moments of all 3 listed above, but sometimes that love and care can come across as just mean and degrading…even though that is not the intention. Unfortunately I can’t speak as the youngest sibling because I don’t have first hand experience with those feelings; but I can say that sometimes my approaches to making my sister a stronger person are faulty. Let me give you all a little background story: I have a younger sister who is 6 years apart from me and we look nothing alike (as you can see from the pictures below). NO! she’s not adopted, even though some of things she does makes me wish she was, and NO! we don’t have a different parent. My sister and I have similar personalities: strong, outgoing, funny, loud, opinionated. However, she is more the life of the party and I tend to focus my energy on school. I love my sister, she makes me laugh when I am sad and I am so proud of her for not being afraid to be who she is, but I get frustrated when she challenges me (I am Taurus and she is a Leo….they don’t really mix). Recently I have noticed stress from school makes me act out more at home, therefore she picks up my habits and tends to do it herself, as well as I make sneer remarks at the silly things she talks about or wears.

P1090513My sister lives in a world were she will always be judged because she is a girl. She will be told she can’t do that, because she is a girl, and she will be looked down upon, because she is a girl. This will lower her self-esteem and twist her perception of beauty and that bothers me, but I can’t control how much the world beats her down. What I can control is whether or not I beat her down.  I asked my sister about all the rude and judgemental things I say to her… she gave 25, but here is the top 5 things she told me I say

  1. I call her a boy because her hair is short- I meant is as a joke, but I can tell it hurts her.
  2. I make fun of her clothes- she wears weird things and it embarrasses me but I know that is her way of expressing herself
  3. What she talks about is stupid- she is only 8, what exciting stories does she have….but I should at least pretend I care
  4. I call her names- that can really make her feel ashamed of herself and I shouldn’t do that
  5. We play fight- it’s not really fair and it bothers me that I find it entertaining to watch her kick and scream

I probably sound like a bully but I didn’t mean to make her feel bad, it’s just the way everyone has talked to me, it’s just the way I have been judged but that doesn’t give me a right to disrespect my sister. She is an intelligent, bright, curious kid who has a passion for expressing herself in ways I haven’t even thought of. She is strong and observant and has an outlook on life that mesmerizes me. I have made a promise to my self that everyday I will call my sister beautiful and try to stop calling her names because that is not the right way to make her stronger. To be strong is to be confident in yourself

~XO Donatella.