Saturday Morning Coffee Talks//2.6.16

This week has been a really good week altogether and I am excited to share it with all of you.

Highlight of the past week// my mom and I are planning how to redecorate my room and I could not be more excited

Lowlight of the past week// Doctor appointments😦, I really hate hospitals and I always will

Greatest Moment// my sister pulled a prank on me and poured a big bucket of water on me via rope and pulley system. Prank Wars is on!

Blogging Updates/ Highlights// I recently started a blog dedicated to books with fellow blogger Tabby from Orange Owl Diaries . It is a blog where we talk everything bookish from reviews to book topic discussions with you guys! Definitely go check it out and follow if your a book lover like me!

Latest Addiction// Waking up late….need I say more

Latest Love//  watercolour phone wallpaper, it makes me so happy plus it has an elephant on it!

Looking Forward// My favourite show UnReal is coming back on for a second season and I have never been so happy/nervous aver a Tv show. If you haven’t seen it you need to check it out. It is all about the nitty gritty world of reality tv with a Bachelor tv show  esque twist. If you like Empire and the Bachelor franchise then you will love this! It’s exclusive to Lifetime but you can catch episodes online.

Favourite Meal// I had this amazing salad in tuesday with peppers, cucumbers and a bit of tuna dressed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Quote of the Week//

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”

-Robert Frost

I hope you all liked this post and I have an exciting post coming up soon! Make sure to check out my new book blog because I will be posting a book haul and who doesn’t love those?


Saturday Morning Coffee Talks//5.7.2016

Good morning everybody, it has been a while since I last did post a coffee talk and I really miss doing them. This last 5 weeks have been quite “interesting” to say the least (check out this journal post for the full update)

Highlight of the past week// I cleaned my room and everything is now nice and organized. I expect that it will go back to normal in bout 3 days (normal being the absolute disaster it originally was in)

In the future// I am very excited for mothers day to see my family and spend time with everyone.

Latest disaster// hmmm…let me think? MY LIFE lol

Latest addiction// spotify! I just recently got the app and yes as cheap as I am paid for the premium package and I am in love!

Things that made me smile// an elderly lady at the grocery store couldn’t reach the top shelf and as I was going to help her a group of teenage boys helped her reach it. I saw them 20 minutes later and they were helping her get her shopping done and loading the groceries into her car. I was about to cry, it was so sweet.

Quote of the week//

never love anybody who treats you like your ordinary

-Oscar Wilde

That’s all for me today! I will be posting an exciting post soon. I, unfortunately, am slowly running out of blog topics so if you have any suggestions anything you want to ask I would be more than happy to write about it. Just leave it in the comment section or click the Contact page and shoot me an email. I of course would give you credit for your topic when I post it!


Journal #8: The Last 5 Weeks

It all started April 6th, I started to come down with a cold. I had a stuffy nose, achey body and I was starting to feel warm. I knew I was coming down with a cold, so I took a half a day off school to go home and try to sleep it off.

To my dismay, I woke up feeling worse than ever. I decided I needed to go to the doctors because this had been the 3rd time over the course of 5 months that I had caught a cold and I knew something was up. At this point, I had felt a tight chest pain and felt very weak. I knew this wasn’t a cold, I had caught the flu for the 3rd time this year. The doctor confirmed my self-diagnoses and I was off with a script for 2 inhalers and some antibiotics.

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Saturday Morning Coffee Talks// 9.12.2015

Hey lovely people! Today SMCT is a collaboration with Jelena from A Thousand Shades of J she is an amazing writer and blogger, and is defiantly worth checking out! So this wee was the first week back to school so I will be mostly talking about how I am officially in grade 10

Highlights of the past week// I got to see all my friends that I haven’t seen in awhile and I am lucky to have 1 class with one of my best friends!

Lowlights// I had a rough draft of an essay due on friday a long with a science test…Welcome to Grade 10 😦

Favourite Meal// This ones new but this week for lunch I had red quinoa salad with pears, mango, cranberries and raspberry vinaigrette….I died and went to heaven. Definitely recommend making it.

Latest Adventure// trying to find my period 1 portable class, I went into about 4 different portables before realizing my class was in the port-a-pack. It’s not the most exciting adventure but I never had a portable class last year so this was uncharted territory

In the future// I will mostly be trying to settle into school some more, nothing exciting but it is fun to catch up with friends

Latest Thought// “Where even is my class?”

My Reader// I have been adoring Jelena’s blog! She talks about her travels and experiences, and my personal favourite, her fashion posts! She links all the items she wears and likes on her blog which makes it super easy to buy and order the ones I love. Her foody posts are great too and always healthy. No matter what you want to read A Thousand Shades of J has it all in one place, it truly is the versatile lifestyle blog. Please check her out, you will not regret it.

This weekend// I am babysitting my little sister and I am stuck doing homework, nothing exciting but it’s gotta be done.

Latest Addiction// Brookeside Chocolate especially the blueberry and açai one, god it’s delicious!

Latest Disaster// My locker this year is destroyed so I can’t put anything at the bottom because it’s on a slant so I moved 7 lockers over, but I apparently am not supposed to do that so looks like I am living on the wild side! I just realized I sounded like an idiot by saying that but whatever

Quote of the week//  

Life isn’t measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breaths away -Unknown

So that was my week and I hope yours went well too, make sure to check out A Thousand Shades of J and I will talk to you all later

~XOXO Donatella



Saturday Morning Coffee Talks//8.29.2015

Morning everyone, so it’s that time of the week again where I quickly talk about how my week went and upcoming events. This coffee talk is a bit different because it is a collaboration with an amazing girl Paradoxical Sadness definitely check her out, she is an amazing blogger.

Highlights of the past week//  My really good friend came back from camp after spending the whole summer as a camp councillor, it was awesome catching up with her, we went on an awesome bike ride and got some ice cream, You don’t realize how much you miss someone until they come back.

In the future// This week it’s all about getting ready for back to school. I am looking forward to getting back into a routine but it is still bittersweet.

Latest Adventure// Biking around my city, I have lived here all my life but still don’t know how to get around very well.

Latest thought// “Holy Cow! this year is gonna be a lot harder

Latest Disaster// My phone cracked! I went to go put it down on the table, lost my balanced and slammed it down…this week was not the best for luck but what can you do.

My Reader// I have been loving The Paradoxical Sadness post lately, her blog is like a look into her mind and that is what I love about it. Recently she wrote a post about A list of things to be accomplished and I loved reading about her personal goals, dream and aspirations. Sometimes she writes diary post, other times updates about her life. What ever it is, I always enjoy reading it. If you love bloggers that post often and are filled with ideas and questions, you will love this blog!

This weekend// I have another post in the works and it is something different from what I usually do but I love trying new things.

Quote of the week//

The beauty of a women must be seen through her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides – Audrey Hepburn

 That is my update for the week, I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoy my coffee. Don’t forget to check out the Paradoxical Sadness blog and tell her I sent you! Till next time

~XOXO Donatella   

Journal #3: Embarrassing Moments at My Expense

We all have moments that we are not proud of, you know the ones that your friends bring up at a party or someones else’s experience sparked an embarrassing flash back in your mind. Well I recently had one of those moments with 5 other people, and you are lovely person who gets to hear and laugh about it.

This semester, one of my classes happens to be drama and I really enjoy the class. One day our teacher asked if anyone would be open to seeing a play, so myself and a few others agreed to go. The day of the play happened to also be the day of my groups final Tableaux performance, and as a group we wore all black (I wore leggings and a black t-shirt). After we successfully preformed our tableaux sequence we went to lunch and waited till it was 12:10 to head back to the drama room. As the 5 of us entered the door, we all stopped dead in our tracks, we looked at each other mortified, unfortunately we weren’t given the memo that there was a play dress code and it wasn’t casual Tableaux wear. Everyone was best dressed, in skirts, heels, and dress shirts and we looked like hobos that they found off the street in my winter coat, big scarves and a black beanie to cover my messy hair. I have never bee more embarrassed in my life, I felt so insecure and ashamed. When we were on the bus the 5 of us were quiet, I couldn’t help myself, I started to break the silence with snickers which slowly turned into a loud laughing roar. We all broke into big claps of hysterical noises, we tried to talk in between laughs but that only made us laugh louder, finally at the end of the sequence we all sighed I then spoke “Laughter solves everything…except for dress code failures” all of us laughed again and we knew that we were all suffering through this together. When we got back to school we told everyone our mishap and they couldn’t help but titter a little. I learned 2 lessons that day

1. It’s one thing to be embarrassed, and it’s another to be embarrassed with others

2. Play attire does not consist of dressing like it’s Sunday afternoon

I hope you all enjoy this post. I apologize for being MIA but it’s been a little crazy

Journal #2 When I Was 10…

Ever since I was little I have always felt….different, more curious then other kids, more mature, more openminded. It never fazed me until I was about 10, it’s that awkward stage of “I am old but not old enough” and I found my friends were less excepting of my realistic approaches to life or my “useless information” (as they would say). I began to feel lonely but I still stayed positive. I was also a very self-assured and confident child, I new who I was and I wasn’t going to change for anyone, but that sometimes put a target on my back (jealousy’s a bitch and it decided to bite me in the ass). My friends started to put me down, told me being smart was stupid and that my interest in reading and history made me a “Know-It All,” but when your best friend tells you that what you like isn’t cool or that you will never be as good as her, you start to believe it. I felt worthless, unimportant and that this maturity was more of a curse then a blessing. Why couldn’t I jut be normal? I began to put up walls and to stop letting people in…. stop telling them who I was. Life went on and so did my process of shutting people out (I was never one to brag but I still didn’t tell anyone about my accomplishments) So now I am 14 and every year my family is invited to New Years party, which I go to.  Basically all I hear is judgemental adults criticize how other peoples kids spent the year, besides, the one friend which I love oh so dearly and her mother which raised her oh so well, everyone is stuck on bragging about “my kid won hockey” and “my kid has a boyfriend.” I had assumed that this year would be the same as any other and I would get out of this party scoot free….I was wrong. This one friend (lets call her Suzy) noticed I was having a conversation with another friend (umm Bob’s his name) about some flaws in history and any other facts the trivia nut inside of me could come up with. She began to get angry about how she was not the centre of attention and how Bob was paying attention to me, so as Suzy usually does she decided to make a comment…but this time she pushed it too far. She started to call me names, say how nobody cares about my facts and that no body wants someone who is taller or smarter to date. I had a flashback of the feeling when I was 10 and Suzy said those same words, I felt the same way UNIMPORTANT, UGLY, SCRUTINIZED. Something inside me flicked and I thought “You did it once but not again”, I began to voice my opinion, I shoot out every big word, every humiliating analogy, and every feminist line I had ever used, and I hit it home by calling her what she really was somebody so unhappy, so insecure, so jealous with themselves,  that they think that anyone who is different should be made fun of because you secretly don’t have the guts to say, do and act the way you want, like I do and that is just sad. I told her how I felt bad for people like her because she will never be comfortable in her own skin but I don’t deserve this and I told Suzy that next time she wants to put me down I won’t be there to hear it. So that’s my story of how little memories and feelings from the past can push you to do something good…even though this kinda come out rudely now she can’t walk all over me

~XO Donatella

Journal #1 Does Happiness Really Exist?

Hello everyone, this evening I bring to you a more serious topic about our perception of happiness. I have come to realize that as I get older things that I think should make you happy such as Love, Friends, and Smiley Faces seem to just make me depressed. I mean love is just so confusing and makes you second guess yourself, you put yourself out in such a vulnerable place all for what… a hug…a kiss… to feel important. As people we just hurt each other which only leaves us to put up walls and not let each other in, but yet we complain we are not happy. We are taught when we are little that happiness comes from object and places such as carnivals and cotton candy but we learn the hard way, in high school that the feeling slowly fades and that it becomes so unfamiliar, it almost seems like we have never felt it. And the feeling that replaces it would be emptiness and a depressed. I used to think that I would have awesome friends like the Bratz Girls and I would be happy, but chasing after that dream only makes me realize it’s basically impossible. Lately, my friends have been causing more trouble for me then happiness and I am starting to loose faith that I can ever be really happy.

Someone told me that if you feel depressed or unhappy, then think a time that you felt genuinely good in that moment, so I thought….It was the day my dad surprised me with tickets to the circus and I remember watching the elephants walk around with dancers on their backs, I looked over at my dad with a huge smile and he asked if i was happy, and I said “of course I am, i’m at the circus. ” Sometimes i wish I could go back to the circus and restore my faith in happiness. So my question is, does happiness exist. It probably does but maybe not right now, maybe not right here, or maybe I am looking for it in the wrong place but right now my most evident feeling is tiredness…

Tired of feeling nothing, not even happiness.


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